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Agile Software Delivery Made Easy

Everyone wants more information about when it’s right to release the new enterprise, cloud or mobile application and they want assurance that the update will be with the requisite level of quality. For enterprises with complex environments having visibility across different ALM tools and oversight across different projects requires cross project reporting. We wanted to make it fast, easy and deliver insights that have the power to transform software delivery. So we started with the requirements, testing, automation, and defect tracking - working across the entire project portfolio.

In agile teams, collaboration is the key and each of the roles needs their own status views with indicators of whether things are on track and on plan. Some need only a high level view or dashboard and to drill into problem areas to manage by exception. Others need detailed views and to be able to visually analyze bottlenecks and determine priorities. QACube provides what our customers need every day to balance resources effectively and efficiently for faster time-to-market within costs and with the predictable quality. We decided to make it visual, visible, fast, and easy.