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We Wake up Thinking about Software Testing
How to Leverage QA Big Data.

Our people thrive on figuring out new ways to make life easier for CIOs, Project Managers and Testers. And we ask how we can provide even better analytics. Continuous reporting for continuous testing. That makes sense. Working closely with the largest banks, insurance and financial services companies, telecoms, media, manufacturing companies, public sector and other, QACube helps our customers gain visibility to save costs and make better decisions.


We are guided by the principles of:
- Specific QA graphics that promote higher levels of testing maturity
- Providing high visibility where potential bottlenecks and problems may occur
- Promoting a QA Balanced Scorecard of metrics for all around optimization
- Making the reporting easy and automated so that testers can spend more time testing
If you want to work with the best QA visual analytics and dashboards in the industry, then you have come to the right place.
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We started in software testing services and after long nights trying to aggregate reports the old fashioned way with spreadsheets, we realized "there's got to be a better way". The testing tools on the market are great for ALM, test automation, test management, defect tracking etc. but they did not solve the problem of QA Big Data across testing tools.


This is when the light bulb went on. So in 2014, with support from our clients and board members, we founded QACube to deliver the most innovative QA analytics and dashboards. We've been a bit busy since then. Now we know we are on the right track with the leading solution on the market for QA visual analytics and dashboards - QACube.

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