Powerful Analytics across the Big Data of Testing

Banking is a complex, regulated environment. QACube enables more frequent software updates with reliable access to the Big Data behind them.

Delivering the newest features and functionality while managing big data is driving banks to update and release new software with increasing speed. However, many banks outsource their software development to vendors using multiple systems, methods, metrics, and tools. This outsourcing environment makes it difficult to gain a consolidated view of software QA across all concurrent projects, especially when legacy systems must integrate with the newest technologies. A test strategy for the banking sector must ensure end-to-end visibility of the QA testing environment so that software iterations are released often and conform to business unit specifications.

In the past, when the pace of change was slower and banking systems less complex, a team of testers could manually consolidate data into reports. Today, automated test reporting is quickly becoming the norm as it shortens release times while reducing human effort. Test teams also need end-to-end visibility and visual analytics in order to see and interpret test status, test results, and keep up with the fast pace of Agile software development.

One of challenges with test reporting is the challenge of customization. Quality managers want reports that reflect the organization’s unique business priorities and tell the QA story that they need to tell.

QACube’s robust platform enables user groups to customize the interface and appearance to meet their needs, giving users both visibility and control throughout the entire project lifecycle and across multiple concurrent projects.