October 02, 2018
QACube Named Among the 10 Best Solution Providers of 2018!

Achieving Business Agility

QACube was recognized among the 10 Best Solution Providers by Industry Era, a leading technology magazine.

Every successful organization today d...

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August 31, 2018
Is Continuous Quality Reporting the Missing Link in Continuous Testing?

Viewing Software Quality Has Never Been Easier

The adoption of agile development practices and the DevOps environment enables the enterprise to continuously develop, test, and deploy, but that also m...

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July 19, 2018
In Software Testing Reporting is EVERYTHING!

QACube Innovation with Release Version 2.9! 

The QACube Quality Assurance Platform for DevOps is now available, and what truly exciting features it offers. QACube Version 2.9 has added new adap...

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June 05, 2018
What the GDPR Means for Testers and Test Data

Practical Advice for Testing in DevOps 

The digital transformation has delivered a lot of advantages to consumers, but it has also brought a few complications. One big challenge is the need for...

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April 20, 2018
Announcing QACube 2.8 Testing Analytics

New Features include: planned Test Case Execution over time, more Defect Metrics, Status Overview, impacted Applications/Projects, Requirements Progress, new Execution Status, Release Configuration... For more, p...

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February 13, 2018
SWISS TESTING DAY - What Does the Future of Testing Hold?

Join us on Wednesday, March 14, 2018 for Swiss Testing Day, held every year in Zurich, Switzerland. This is the ultimate networking event for software testers, with conference speakers addressing today's most challengin...

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