SWISS TESTING DAY - What Does the Future of Testing Hold?

February 13, 2018

Join us on Wednesday, March 14, 2018 for Swiss Testing Day, held every year in Zurich, Switzerland. This is the ultimate networking event for software testers, with conference speakers addressing today's most challenging issues, from end-to-end-software testing to software quality analytics and dashboards.

QACube is a Gold Partner for this year's event and will demonstrate the only software testing dashboard that delivers an instant snapshot of activity across projects, roles, service providers, and testing and ALM tools.

Trustworthy visual analytics enable users to drill down to the root source of the data for faster, better, software test reporting.

QACube integrates with CA Agile Central (formerly Rally), HP QC Enterprise, JIRA, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Team Foundation Server, Tosca Testsuite and others, so stop by the QACube Booth and see a LIVE demonstration of the Quality Assurance Platform for DevOps that is transforming software testing. For more information, please visit