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Defect Tracking

"Not All Defects Are Created Equal"
See which are the most critical and resolve those
with the largest impact first.
How long have the critical defects been open?
With QACube you get answers fast.

Portfolio Management

With multiple projects going on at the same time it's
difficult to know the exact status of all QA projects at
any given point of time. QACube delivers cross
project dashboards at-a-glance.

Test Automation

Reap the advantages of structured Test Case Design
to ensure the highest degree of test automation
and test coverage. Get more done with less time!

My QACube Views

The status of Software Delivery is always changing. With powerful QACube Widgets you can have any of the views in whichever order you need as your very own Quality Dashboard. It is also possible to integrate with non-QA information for example to incorporate financial or service management information for better decisions.


...and much more. This is just a bite of the apple.