Regional Bank

This government owned bank is one of the largest cantonal banks in Switzerland and specializes in savings and mortgage products. Manual processes across its software development lifecycle resulted in low test coverage and slow data aggregation. For instance, the bank dedicated fifty test managers to the manual process of creating quality assurance reports using Excel spreadsheets. Each week the bank lost 50 hours of highly skilled time to this laborious, time consuming task. The bank needed a better way to display banking software testing information that would actually reduce costs and the risk associated with the inability to see dynamic reports across all projects and tools. QA Cube provided the visual analytics needed.

Today, QA Cube has automated the aggregation and display of QA software testing data. As a result, the bank now dedicates only 10 hours/week to the development of quality assurance reports. It has decreased the number of test managers dedicated to weekly updates from 50 to 10 managers. Equally important, those managers gained 360 degree visibility into testing activity.

Overall, the business now benefits from a 31% savings in quality assurance costs and has 300% faster testing using dynamic dashboards. QACube proved to be the ideal finance domain software testing platform for financial application testing information.

Global Insurance Company

The insurance industry is known for being risk-adverse. Yet, every day the winds of change force them to endure the risk of adopting new technologies. Insurance customers want online interaction and sales. On the other end of the customer service spectrum, they also want easy claims processing.

As a risk adverse organization, this insurer was still trying to grow its operations while using too many manual work steps in the insurance QA testing process. Further, manual QA reporting required long lead times when management really needed to see up-to-date analytics. There was no easy way to see the entire testing landscape at-a-glance. Their traditional reports lacked valuable historical views showing release, cycle, and phase information, and were missing cross-project comparisons. To keep up with the speed of agile testing, the company needed next generation business intelligence and analytics on a test data quality dashboard.

To eliminate reporting maintenance issues and ensure high visibility, QACube was implemented to provide and consolidate reporting and deliver state of the art ALM visual analytics. Furthermore, test managers and non-technical stakeholders can now compare historical information, progress, and current status across all testing projects with 100% visibility. Today, continuous reporting with continuous process improvement is a reality. QACube once again deployed a highly skilled team to deliver the ideal quality assurance platform for insurance application testing.

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