Consolidate, Display, and Analyze all Test Data

In a digital economy, financial services companies face many challenges as customers trade stocks, manage loans, and pay bills for endless hours, creating high rates of real-time transactions. Furthermore, the financial services software that enables these transactions must integrate with numerous other applications, making large-scale data integration the new norm.

QA test reporting for the big data of financial services software applications must be driven by industry-specific knowledge and experience. Otherwise, organizations lose the opportunity to identify and correct defects in the early stages of testing. They lose the opportunity to analyze, measure risk, and use the data for improved decision-making.

QACube’s QA reporting tool is fully automated and dynamic, enables visibility and analytics across testing tools and projects, and has role-based, customizable dashboards. All these advantages enable QA testing teams to manage and control testing across multiple projects and tools regardless of the size or complexity of the data.

QACube industry recognition bears witness to our growing reputation as an innovative partner delivering best-of-breed QA test reporting by certified software professionals with deep financial services domain expertise.