Is Continuous Quality Reporting the Missing Link in Continuous Testing?

August 31, 2018

Viewing Software Quality Has Never Been Easier

The adoption of agile development practices and the DevOps environment enables the enterprise to continuously develop, test, and deploy, but that also means continuous reporting and validation. It's enough to make your head hurt. However continuous reporting can turn that testing effort into an exercise in problem prevention rather problem solving. In fact, continuous reporting may be the missing link in the continuous testing process.

Extensive reporting plays a key role DevOps success. It is the prime reason that organizations are focusing on automating their test reporting and analytics. Let's look at the essential elements needed for continuous reporting and analytics and how the right QA Platform for Devops can speed up the software delivery process.

  • Automate: You no longer need to manually compile data from hundred of charts and feed it into spreadsheets or PowerPoint presentations. In fact, an organization simply cannot call itself agile if the test teams are still manually aggregating days old information. Prevent delay and enable highly skilled technical staff to use their time for problem solving by automating test reporting with graphics and analytics.
  • Integrate: Merge and display data from multiple sources across the enterprise landscape from all projects, tools, systems (Yes, even legacy systems) teams, and geographies. Instead of stale data, get a single view of the truth...up-to-date and always available.
  • Customize: Use customized dashboards designed for the specific roles played by key stakeholders, technical, managerial, and business.
  • Analyze: Drill down and around for the detail you need. Get visual analytics with powerful KPIs, time frames, historic performance, predictive analytics with just one click. Data presented in a context is so much more powerful than mere defect or test cases counts.
  • Collaborate: DevOps best practices require collaboration and visibility by all stakeholders. Instantly share engaging, and interactive data reports with drag-and-drop design. Easy-to-interpret color graphics give stakeholders the confidence that the product will meet the requisite quality and make customers happy.

Continuous reporting enables flawless continuity in the software development lifecycle (SDLC). Organizations dealing with tight deadlines and continuously changing customer requirements can adopt automated reporting and analytics to keep pace with the speed of delivery while maintaining software quality. Now you can take a deep breath and enjoy the views.

About QACube

QACube is a Software Quality Assurance Platform for DevOps that helps drive competitive advantage with predictive Visual Analytics and reporting across popular testing and defect tracking tools such as: CA Agile Central (formerly Rally), HP QC Enterprise, JIRA Software, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server, Tricentis Tosca, Spira Test, SonarQube, Tasktop...and others. QACube customers deliver high quality software on time and with less risk. Banks, Financial Services, Insurance Companies, Telecom Providers and others can achieve QA visibility and transparency for faster time-to-market with lower risk. For more information, please visit

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