November 5th, 2018 Zurich, CH

Product Update: QACube Version 2.9.1

QACube is now available with several exciting new features including: improved Usability, the first version of the New Development Component...

September 27th, 2018 New York, USA

QACube Named Among 10 Best Technology Solution Providers - 2018

Most organizations still rely on the traditional, yet static, measures of software quality and progress...

May 24th, 2018 Zurich, CH

Sixsentix Named One of the 50 Most Valuable Brands of the Year 2018

Filip Milikic, CEO and Founder of Sixsentix, was featured in the April 2018 issue of The Silicon Review...

May 3rd | 2018 New Jersey, USA

The Silicon Review:
Sixsentix Raises the Bar of Excellence in QA

In today’s business world, software is everywhere. In the whole process of software development...

April 19th, 2018 Zurich, CH

Announcing QACube 2.8 Testing Analytics

New Features include: planned Test Case Execution over time, more Defect Metrics, Status Overview, and more...

February 17th, 2017 Zurich, CH

Sixsentix Software Testing Ranks 3rd Among the Fastest Growing Swiss Companies

Filip Milikic, CEO & Founder and Florin Iten, Chairman of the Board & Founder, Sixsentix, appeared today in in the Business Publicati...

January 23rd | 2017 Vienna, AT

January 18 -19, 2017 - Software Quality Days – Vienna – The Quality of Things

At the Savoyen Hotel in Vienna over 400 software developers, testers and heads of software quality met to take part...

July 12th | 2016 Zurich, CH

QACube/Fujitsu Teaming Agreement for QA Reporting

QACube and Fujitsu have formed an alliance to engage new clients requiring innovative software testing and delivery solutions.

May 1st | 2016 Dusseldorf, DE

Iqnite 2016 Software Testing Conference Impressions

What do software testing and Pecha Kucha have in common? Both must get to the heart of the matter quickly and with precision.

March 22nd | 2016 Zurich, CH

Swiss Testing Day – Zurich, Switzerland, March 16, 2016

At Swiss Testing Day, there were more than 800 attendees with many different participants.

January 25th | 2016 Vienna, AT

Software Quality Days - Vienna, Austria, January 18th-21st, 2016

The Future of System & Software Development: Bulid in Quality & Efficiency Right From The Start

December 15th | 2015 Vienna, AT

QACube Partners with Rally to Deliver ALM Visual Analytics and Dashboards

ALM Visibility and Transparency Provide Better, Faster, Decision Making

November 13th | 2015 Budapest, HU

QualyCube Launches QACube to the Hungarian Market

Enhancing Your Reporting with Visual Analytics

November 16th | 2015 Zurich, CH

QACube Office in Zurich Gets a Fresh Interior Design!

QACube is proud to announce the completion of the new office.

November 9th | 2015 Maastricht, NL

Impressions of EuroSTAR 2015

“A” List event for the European Software Quality Community

October 22th | 2015 Vienna, AT

Impressions of the Accelerate Conference

Continuous Software Testing & Reporting

September 14th | 2015 Zurich, CH

QACube Partner Event

Partners Now Certified on QA Visual Analytics

August 31st | 2015 Vienna, AT
July 20th | 2015 Vienna, AT

QACube at Accelerate 2015, October 22nd

QACube Visual Analytics and Dashboards for Tosca Testsuite

May 19th | 2015 Vienna, AT

QACube Version 1.4

Quality Improvements and Reduction of Costs and Risks in the entire Application Life Cycle

May 18th | 2015 Zurich, CH

QACube is Moving to a Bigger Space!

Our new location will offer more space to innovate, work, and grow

May 4th | 2015 Dusseldorf, DE

iqnite EUROPE 2015

What's New In Software Testing?

Mar 20th | 2015 Zurich, CH

Swiss Testing Day 2015

Swiss Testing Day Impressions

January 20th | 2015 Vienna, AT
November 28th | 2014 Dublin, IE

That was EuroSTAR 2014

Delivering visibility and transparency across projects and testing tools

October 22nd | 2014 Copenhagen, DK

That was CoDe 2014

DevOps Agility: Lifecycle Reporting & Dashboards

September 19th | 2014 Vienna, AT

That was Accelerate 2014

Sixsentix, with its multi-level participation, was a participating Partner of Accelerate 2014

September 1st | 2014 Vienna, AT

QACube Expands to Austria

Opens New Office in Downtown Vienna - Come and See Us!