Impressions of EuroSTAR 2015

November 09, 2015 | Maastricht, NL

“A” List event for the European Software Quality Community

Once again the EuroSTAR European Software Testing Conference proved to be an “A” List event for the European Software Quality Community with over 800 attendees.


The topic of visibility over the software testing process to help eliminate risk was very timely as one of the global banks had an issue where customers could not access their accounts while the conference was underway. Test coverage, risk elimination and keeping pace with the digital demands are top priorities. Special thanks to everyone who stopped by the QACube Booth to watch our live demonstration of visual analytics and dashboards across projects.

A huge shout out to Jennifer Treacy and Emma Connor from EuroSTAR who always make the event perfect…and that’s something to raise a glass too. Now it’s back to providing software quality reporting for customers who want to improve their software delivery maturity and sleep better when at home or when at EuroSTAR!