Iqnite 2016 Software Testing Conference Impressions

May 01, 2016 | Dusseldorf, DE

What do software testing and Pecha Kucha have in common? Both must get to the heart of the matter quickly and with precision. One of the largest European Software Testing Conferences, iqnite, opened its doors today in Dusseldorf. Over 200 attendees attended the session with Outcome and QACube on Test Management & Analytics. Presenters were Bernd Brodersen, CEO of Outcome, and Matthias Sturzenegger, COO of QACube. As software testing is getting more and more complex, and the speed of digitalization is increasing, software testing managers are having a hard time keeping their heads above water. In the presentation were examples of how QA visual analytics, with automated data aggregation and consolidation, can better support agile processes. 

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