January 18 -19, 2017 - Software Quality Days – Vienna – The Quality of Things

January 23, 2017 | Vienna, AT

At the Savoyen Hotel in Vienna over 400 software developers, testers and heads of software quality met to take part in this year's conference focused on Quality Assurance.

We have all heard about how the Internet of Things is revolutionizing the way that we live and work. Of course the Internet of Things relies heavily on the Quality of Things! As consumers and professionals, we want everything "fast and "right“ and both at once! In this way, every company must think and act like a software company -- constantly coming out with new digital products and services which means that DevOps must be extremely agile.

In this morning's keynote, "From pair programming to mob programming to mob architecting", by Dr. Carola Lilienthal, Member of the Management Team and Senior Software-Architect, WPS - Workplace Solutions GmbH, said "Software development is like an expedition but the path is unclear. Along the way are many mountains and challenges to overcome" Pair and mob programming (more than 2 people working together while one is on keyboards) offer several advantages to deal with the unsteady surrounding of software development. This collaborative approach results in "15% fewer errors/defects, 20% less coding, and 80% more fun and enjoyment on the job". Of course, as Dr. Lilienthal pointed out, "you need to enjoy working closely together, and taking turns with the mouse". Testers should be an integral" part of the pair/mob development teams", says Dr. Carola Lilienthal.

Finally, mob architecting (the whole team explores the architecture together) helps working closely together on a homogeneous architecture from the start. This will help achieve "shift left" where defects are found early on in the software delivery lifecycle. Although senior managers may get a bit nervous seeing lots of red defects all at once, in this case, bad news early is actually good news.

Identifying the critical defects early with the right Software Agile Testing (SWAT) Team is the key to Continuous DevOps. The right blend of skills, collaboration, methodology, and QA visual analytics in Software Testing is today's imperative for Continuous DevOps. Continuous DevOps ensures that you get to the Customer's Vision in the most expedient way possible and with the lowest risk at an optimized cost.

Gary Davies, Head of Testing and Assurance at Fujitsu, states: "Effective immediately, Fujitsu's world-renowned software testing methodology and process combined with QACube's powerful QA reporting capabilities will enable Fujitsu's customers to achieve software testing visibility and transparency for continuous testing improvements. At Fujitsu we feel that QACube are going to be a superb partner going forward in the business world and help us achieve what we want, a globally reliable and recognized testing service."

Now back to working on "The Quality of Things"!

About Software Quality Days

Software Quality Days is the first and only independent Austrian convention on the quality of software projects and products. The main focus is on software testing, quality trends in quality methods and quality assurance of embedded systems. Europe's leading conference on Software Quality was held for the ninth time now.

About Workplace Solutions GmbH

As a spin-off of the University of Hamburg, Workplace Solutions connects research with technology competence. From the start, we were active in developing agile methods and software architecture. We are speakers at industry events and are members of many different architecture groups.

About QACube

QACube helps drive competitive advantage with predictive QA visual analytics and dashboards across popular ALM/software testing tools such as: BugzillaCA Agile Central (formerly Rally), HP QC Enterprise, JIRA, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Team Foundation Server, Redmine, Tosca Testsuite, Spira Test... so you can deliver great software on time and with less risk.

Banks, Financial Services, Insurance Companies, Telcos and others can achieve QA visibility and transparency for faster time-to-market with lower risk.