QACube Innovation with Release Version 2.9!

July 19, 2018 | Zurich, CH

The QACube Quality Assurance Platform for DevOps is now available, and what truly exciting features it offers. QACube Version 2.9 has added new adaptors for BugzillaGitLabXray, and has made adaptor improvements for JIRATeam Foundation Server, and Tosca so that connecting to the QACube Platform is easier than ever. Many other adaptors such as: CA Agile CenterExcelSonarQubeSpiraTest, and Tasktop are also available. 

The new QACube Release Dashboard displays customer-defined quality gates or KPIs for requirements, test instances, defects, and test cases. For instance, users can pre-define a range for a specific KPI, such as the KPI percentage of failed test cases. As soon as the results breach a pre-defined KPI range, the system immediately pops up a warning message pro-actively informing the user. And that is just one of many outstanding improvements and new features available with QACube V2.9.

The improvement that I like best is the expansion of the QACube Training Academy. We still offer on-site training classes but have expanded our: free video tutorials, remote learning webinars, have added a special free widgets explanation video, and so much more!

Let's face it. Behind every successful enterprise is high quality, reliable and stable software. In today's world, you cannot achieve business agility in the digital world without end-to-end, collaborative QA reporting for continuous improvements in DevOps.

Contact us at for a demonstration and see for yourself why Europe's leading financial service giants and enterprises manage and control their software quality assurance with QACube to achieve fast time-to-market with unprecedented software quality.

About QACube

QACube is a Software Quality Assurance Platform for DevOps that helps drive competitive advantage with predictive Visual Analytics and reporting across popular testing and defect tracking tools such as: CA Agile Central (formerly Rally)HP QC EnterpriseJIRA SoftwareMicrosoft ExcelMicrosoft Visual Studio Team Foundation ServerTricentis ToscaSpira TestSonarQubeTasktop...and others. QACube customers deliver high quality software on time and with less risk. Banks, Financial Services, Insurance Companies, Telecom Providers and others can achieve QA visibility and transparency for faster time-to-market with lower risk. For more information, please visit