QACube Version 1.4

May 19, 2015 | Vienna, AT

Quality Improvements and Reduction of Costs and Risks in the entire Application Life Cycle

Vienna, Austria, May 19, 2015 – QACube introduces the latest version of its successful ALM Visual Analytics solution. QACube delivers transparency across software delivery with over 50 realized projects. Dashboards and visual analytics provide at-a-glance results that are easy to read, reduce business risks and lower costs.

QACube Version 1.4 is immediately available and simplifies the project portfolio and quality management process through aggregated and automated reporting. The ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) platform for Visual Analytics and Dashboard Management unites the data of tools utilized in the ALM process. Results are a newly achieved transparency and easy-to-read analysis of the entire software delivery lifecycle. QACube was developed by experienced software and quality management experts in the banking industry, and is quickly becoming the leading platform for ALM reporting and quality assurance in the financial sector.

The modular QACube Platform integrates widely used testing tools, such as HP QC Center, Tricentis Tosca Testsuite, JIRA, and Rally, via open APIs or Application Programming Interfaces. This procedure allows for easy embedding of further standard and industry- or company-specific tools. Britta Steele, QACube’s Chief Marketing Officer, said: “Today’s agile software testing demands easy to understand visualizations so that results and possible shortages and bottlenecks are immediately obvious. This is the only way to continuously improve, and to establish basic and familiar standards for measuring performance numbers. If you don’t see any problems, you can’t solve them.”

QACube delivers easy visualization of the different departments’ interests (e.g. Head of Testing, Quality Assurance Manager, Head of Development, Project Manager, Business Analyst, etc.) as well as problems and capabilities via individual state-of-the-art graphics. The dynamic and comprehensibly designed QACube visualizations make it possible to analyze problem areas and give standard views of various projects, departments, managed services providers, testing and ALM tools.

“After many years of working in software testing for financial services and telecommunications, we realized what a challenge it is to develop a meaningful Dashboard for agile software testing. QACube is the first solution of this kind to permit Cross Project Reporting for heterogeneous ALM and software testing tools. QACube is truly innovative, because it delivers – for the very first time – the type of reporting visualization that our clients have always wanted,” said Filip Milikic, CEO and Founder of QACube and Sixsentix.

QACube makes cost-intensive data collection and static Excel reporting and graphics obsolete, because the ALM aggregation platform can always deliver current information – without dedicated resources – for daily, weekly, monthly or up-to-the minute reports. Future-oriented organizations will save time and effort in favor of effectiveness and efficiency combined with an impressive ROI.

About QACube

QACube creates software testing transparency with QA Visual Analytics and Dashboard Reporting. Banks, insurance companies, financial services and telecommunications providers can reduce risks and make better decisions through role-based, graphic reporting while simultaneously lowering costs, optimizing collaboration and improving time-to-market.

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