Software Quality Days 2015

January 20, 2015 | Vienna, AT

First Impressions

Took the Schnell Bahn (Fast Train) in Vienna, Austria this morning, walked into the Savoyen Hotel, and immersed myself in the energy and enthusiasm being shared at Software Quality Days. Over 300 participants attended sessions today including the session held by Rex Black, President RBCS, where he raised the question of “how can you measure Quality when the information is scattered in many different systems.”

On the first day, over 300 participants attended the session held by Rex Black, President RBCS, where he raised the question of â€œHow can you measure quality when the information is scattered in many different systems?”

This is, of course, the BIG question because if you can’t measure it…you can’t improve it either.

Our QACube Team consisting of Filip Milikic , CEO & Founder, Amin Chirazi, Country Manager Austria, Peter Antoni, Head of Pre-Sales and Goran Krstovic, Sales Manager, were presenting QACube as a solution to this very problem. Collaborative ALM information from HP Quality Center, Tricentis Tosca, Ranorex, JIRA, and others, can be the basis for visual analytics to see the opportunities and challenges across ALM projects. The guiding principle is “if you can see it, you can fix it”.

Mobile testing and visual analytics across the ALM are clearly two HOT topics that require a new vision.

A great presentation from Dr. Ashok Karania, VP Europe & APAC Sales, and Kanhai Jhaveri, Key Account Manager, both from Infostretch, entitled "Mobile Automation – Lessons from the Trenches" has proved this, and I have enjoyed listening to some great “lessons learned” regarding their mobile testing experiences with one of the largest banks.

The evolution of the mobile era has apparently occurred, moving technology from the mainframe to client server to the mobile cloud.

During this time, Dr. Karania says, we've moved from testing two to three operating systems, to a new age with billions of users and devices.

Understanding the overall landscape of mobile test automation, frameworks and technologies could help testers in implementing successful automation programs at their organizations.

"Leading businesses will be those who will fully leverage Connected, Agile, and the Community while working together collaboratively", he stated.

Of course, testing on real devices is a nightmare, and perhaps better left to specialized experts. Or face dealing with testing that is fragile, slow, has excessive maintenance (thousands of real devices and growing), specific mobile issues, growing costs along with unforeseen other app integration issues.

In an optimized Mobile Application Testing Framework (MATF), many different layers (from the application under test to the test cases and the automation tools, test management tools and continuous integration tools), are generating information across live projects that is critical in making better decisions. Dr. Karania stated â€œYou need a new vision, not a new version.”

With the plethora of tools and technologies hitting the mobile market every day, selecting the most efficient route towards mobile test automation can be a hit or a miss.

QACube helps testing leaders easily see their testing progress and results with dashboards and visual analytics and we demonstrated our solution for ALM Reporting at Software Quality Days in Vienna, Austria.

Visit our booth at Swiss Testing Day in Zurich as well.

Written by Britta Steele