Swiss Testing Day 2015

March 20, 2015 | Zurich, CH

Swiss Testing Day Impressions

The Big Innovation Climb in Software Quality Assurance

Last week Zurich hosted the annual Swiss Testing Day at the Congress Haus. In this age of constant flux, it’s great to know that some things remain the same year after year—such as this world class event. Think of Swiss Testing Day as pure oxygen for quality assurance professionals.

Inspiring Speakers

Keynote speaker, writer and mountaineer, Andy Holzer inspired attendees with his awesome speech about unusual courage in the face of adversity. In spite of being blind, Andy climbed Mount Everest including 6 of the 7 Summits. The main lesson he learned is that success in innovation comes from being in the dark and only with the help of a partner. It cannot be achieved alone.

Innovative Problem Solving

While there, we spoke with leading organizations including Google, Credit Suisse, the Zurich Cantonal Bank and they all were looking for innovation in software quality assurance.

The big questions that loomed were: “what is software quality?”, “how can we measure and improve quality?” and “how can we see what’s happening?”

Picture the Head of Quality literally running from meeting to meeting with his device of choice and being able to press a button and see the visual analytics for his/her important Quality Gates and KPIs.

How amazing would that be?

Our customers and partners are enabling our QACube Team along the journey of innovation success, and we continue to innovate and deliver ALM Reporting for the most complex software testing environments to speed up time-to-market with reduced risk, thanks to our partner Itecor and its innovative ideas as well as continuous feedback and support.

We returned from the conference knowing that QACube can help to deliver some of that pure oxygen to Software Quality Assurance professionals and that we are on the right track. Working collaboratively with some of the best software testing solutions in the industry to increase visibility and transparency seems like the right mountain to climb.

About QACube

QACube delivers visual analytics and dashboards for transparency across the ALM. Financial services and enterprises can easily visualize and report their results across projects, and disparate software tools for better collaboration and faster time-to-market.

Photo caption:

From left to right: Goran Krstovic, Sales Manager; Rolf Kneuss, Product Manager; Peter Antoni, Head of Presales; Britta Steele, Head of Marketing; Florin Iten, Managing Partner and Founder; Zsuzsanna Lichtenthal, Marketing Assistant; Filip Milikic, CEO and Founder; and Kris Lichtenthal, Product Manager.