That was CoDe 2014

October 22, 2014 | Copenhagen, DK

Continuous Delivery and DevOps 2014

DevOps Agility: Lifecycle Reporting & Dashboards

With over 200 attendees, Continuous Delivery and DevOps 2014 is an important event in Europe focused on helping participants understand the role of Continuous Delivery and DevOps in achieving the goals of agility, built-in-quality and time-to-market in software development, as well as providing them with the best practices and innovations and an opportunity to meet-up with peers for new experiences, knowledge sharing, networking and inspiring speaks.

Florin Iten, Managing Partner of QACube, held a presentation on ‘DevOps Agility: Lifecycle Reporting & Dashboards’ explaining how the concept of risk based DevOps and Analytics and All-in-One Reporting accelerates agility for improving the quality delivery of Software applications in a Continuous Lifecycle.

Attendees could learn how to:

  • avoid false starts and wrong turns
    get back on track
    prioritize the risks and actions needed at every stage
    lower risks and keep pace with apps

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