We Help You Plan Your QA Reporting Project

You can count on QA Cube software quality experts for thorough and informed implementation, working with you to design KPI’s, milestones, budget planning, and more. Our team joins with yours to foster more effective communication and collaboration between business units, software testing, and software development for cost-effective quality assurance. It all starts with a great project plan.

We Help You Install QACube for a Fast Start

We take the time to understand the unique needs of your installation based on your business processes, DevOps practices, infrastructure, and the complexity of your testing environment. Thus, we ensure that QACube Analytics will be up and running in the fastest time possible and QACube can provide the right answers to your software quality assurance testing questions and to achieve your software quality goals.

We Help Integrate QACube with Your ALM Tools

We integrate a wide range of Application Lifecycle Management tools including test management tools, defect-tracking tools and testing methodologies, so that you reap the benefit of your investments along with the advantages of legacy systems and DevOps practices. Regardless of the complexity of your environment, QACube is a Quality Assurance Platform for DevOps designed specifically by professional testers for professional testers for cross-project reporting needs.

We Provide Training and Knowledge Transfer

QA Cube provides end-to-end training and support for software testing reporting needed for continuous testing. From initial investigation to ongoing customer support, we help your team with the knowledge and skills to implement, customize, optimize, monitor, and minimize errors in your software quality testing reporting. We offer onsite, webinar, and customized training along with testing services, agile coaching, and workshops to meet your needs.

We’ll Host a QA Analytics Workshops for Key Stakeholders

Our proprietary workshop content enables our software testing and software quality assurance experts to train both business and IT stakeholders. The same teams that implement QACube every day will teach you how to use, manage, and optimize the standard QACube dashboards or create new widgets and project views for even more effective QA reporting. Your teams will leave the workshop aligned and knowing how to make the most of the QACube analytics to optimize software testing outcomes.

Want to Outsource QA Analytics?

If you lack the time and resources to implement QA Analytics in-house, we can help. We can provide powerful QA visual dashboards, we employ advanced formulas, filters, formats, data groupings, and charts to tailor your software test reporting to the exact scope and perspective you need to achieve your reporting goals.


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