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One of the things that distinguishes us and our teams in the sea of reporting solutions and service providers is our company and Magic Six Values.

Team Spirit

Team comes first.

We know that team is the most important and that working together brings us special quality. All colleagues in our company are members of our Team. Respect for colleagues, our diversity and fellowship are things that we value.

Our solution is the result of everyone's contribution.

We do everything in our hands to win together.

We are more than just coworkers - we are friends.

We treat each other with respect, honestly and we always act with integrity.

We promote diversity in all of its aspects.

We take pride in our team.

We accelerate quality together.


We have Trust in our colleagues.

We believe that every one of us performs best when there is a foundation of trust. It is important that we are open and honest. Our colleagues and clients should always feel trusted and respected.

You are trusted.

We are confident and optimistic.

We have trust in our colleagues' capabilities.

We have trust in our company.

We delegate - share responsibility.

We are transparent and honest.

Our teams are self - organized.

Breaking Limits

We break limits and take challenges.

For us it is important that we always give the best and beyond that. That includes courage, proactivity, determination and readiness to think differently. We accelerate quality and have strong desire to win new markets.

We are proactive and ready to leave our comfort zone.

We are prepared to work hard and never give up.

We keep our mind open to all possibilities and think out of the box.

We ask for the next challenge in the company.

We have a strong desire to be the best and to win the market.

We have courage to propose our ideas.


We act like we own.

Accountability is a key word for us. We take care of our tasks and treat team goals as ours. We are responsible to deliver the best service and product to our clients. In order to do that, we give our best to recommend only good people for the Team.

We take accountability for our own tasks.

We take initiative and responsibility.

We deliver what we promise, and promise what we can deliver.

We show empathy at work before ego mindset.

We recommend good people to the team and recommend our team to good people.

We take care of the property and image of company.

We believe in the impact that our ideas and actions have in the evolution of the company.

Continuous Improvement

We challenge Status Quo.

We value personal and team development through continuous education, which means improvement in technical and soft skills field. Proactivity in learning and willingness to share knowledge and help others to become better are important to us. Our colleagues and our clients can feel our improvement on a daily basis.

We discover new knowledge and develop skills every day.

We recognize people's strengths and help them to develop.

We invest in continuous education and take our individual education plan seriously.

We encourage self-reflection.

We are ambitious but set reachable goals.

We share our knowledge every day.

We promote trial and we are not afraid of making mistakes.

We give suggestions on how to further improve business.

We listen and advise our clients, and provide extraordinary service/ product.


We show persistence and passion.

We value the character strength and when people complete their tasks, with the ability to recognize priorities. Passion in work and positive energy in everyday activities are important to us. Our people are eager to find solutions and create value for our clients.

We know that there is a solution to every problem.

Finding solution is our passion.

We show energy at work.

We express our attitude.

We show our character strength in everything we do.

We make our job enjoyable and fulfilling every day.

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