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QACube Partner Program

Get started by taking a self-paced look at QACube and let us know what you think. We listen to our partners and customers and can easily add new reports, graphics and tools to QACube with your integration services. We are there to support you every step of the way with as much or as little as you need.

Customer Satisfaction

With QACube you can offer your customers an unprecedented level of visibility and transparency across the entire DevOps cycle regardless of which software and Managed Services are being used. Customers can make better decisions and this is key in these times of tight and tighter resources.

Partner Certification

Take part in our no cost Partner Certification Program at our Sixsentix Training Academy for Reporting (STAR) and get certified along with your colleagues so that you can help your customers keep pace with the most innovative reporting solutions in software delivery. Double down and get certified on our 360 degree risk-based testing and enable test automation for the most challenging scenarios.

Regional Support

Need regional support for sales, pre-sales, joint events or other activities? We are there with central locations in Zurich, Switzerland, Vienna, Austria, and Belgrade & Novi Sad, Serbia. Our Marketing Team will connect you with the right people quickly to help you win long-term happy customers.

Dedicated Sponsor

Each of our partners is assigned to an Executive Sponsor who will meet with you on a routine basis and be there to leverage the resources that you need. We give out our cell phone numbers and we work closely together to ensure that you have sales, pre-sales, technical, support, training and executive resources.

Marketing Advantages

Of course we are pleased to provide you with referrals, website recognition, joint leads, help out with presentations, use of our logo and marketing materials and you are invited to our events. In addition, we'll be hosting webcasts to keep you up to date on whats new and to get your feedback, so that together, we can drive more value for our customers.

LETS GET STARTED. Register NOW and we will contact you to set up our first meeting.