QACube is the software quality reporting and analytics solution for the complex enterprise needing greater agility. QACube delivers dynamic reporting and analytics to improve DevOps, for fact-based decision making with fast time-to-market.

A "Day in the Life with QACube"

Imagine sitting in front of a screen in your software quality command center. The world's leading visual analytics, on a customized dashboard, display the heartbeat of your testing activity. You see the latest information; as status changes, colors change; graphics and charts change, data groupings change. This is like watching a live weather report. You can see what's happening now but you can also see what coming. You smile, all is "sunny" for now. No storms looming on the horizon.

Equally important, you can see progress made by different testing teams and even by outsourced service providers. Powerful analytics show potential testing bottlenecks before they even happen. At one glance, you see the number of issues that were added last night, the number of failed test cases, and the test cases that successfully passed. Nice. Your project has a strong heartbeat today.

One touch of your finger, and the screen changes. Now you see historic performance compared to requirements. The trends are clearer than they have ever been. Based on advanced algorithms, you see your project through the filters and in the formats that you chose. Armed with powerful information, you pick up your phone...

See Software Quality in a Whole New Way

At every level, QACube enables users to see the status of their software quality in new ways.

Drill up or down to find the root source of the problem, identify the critical defects vs. progress made, and prioritize testing based on risk, with full visibility and transparency.

Automatically aggregate and consolidate test case data from an unlimited number of sources

Identify high performing teams, vendors, tools, and methods

Compare historic performance to KPIs to improve project planning

Use trends to predict future performance

Collaborate with non-technical stakeholders in a common language and move toward shared goals

Benefits of the QACube Platform

QACube offers a wide range of benefits for both individual users and organizations.

User Benefits


Ease of use

Automated data consolidation

Visual at-a-glance graphics

Company Benefits




Cost Savings

QACube offers the latest methodology and technology in visual predictive analytics. To learn more, click here.

QACube integrates with most popular testing and software development tools. Read more here.

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