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Announcing QACube mini for Tricentis Tosca

QACube mini gives you and your team at-a-glance visual analytics for Tosca so you can see your testing results from requirements to defects to go-live. Quickly see up-to-date graphics on any number of Tosca Projects across Requirements, Automation, Test Execution and the Quality of Testing Projects. One-Click, smart visual analytics so you can see your QA.

Why QACube mini for Tosca?

Free Plugin

  • Easy to run - No installation
  • Visualization of Key Tosca Capabilities
    • Automated Aggregation
    • One-Click TC Automation Ratio
    • value of Your Test Assets
    • Gap Analysis for Prioritization
    • Cool Management Reports

Spend Your Time Testing

See where your gaps are and what the priorities are
with the QACube mini "Report Checkboard"...
Which Tosca Test Cases are missing requirements?
With one click you know EXACTLY where the missing links are.

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Test Automation is Key
for Effective Testing

Which Test Cases are automated, hybrid, and manual?
Can we improve our % of Automation to save time and effort?
Can some test cases be partially automated?
QACube mini for Tosca shows you how.

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What's Your Testing Status

Which test cases have been executed so far across projects?
See all TOSCA projects for a complete portfolio view.


Metrics & KPIs - See Your Quality

In an agile world, continuous testing never stops and QACube mini helps you to keep pace and lets you and your teams continuously improve metrics and KPIs.
See your Quality with QACube mini.


Want to Add Defect Tracking?
Get QACube Enterprise

Check out Defect Tracking results in QACube Enterprise
including which defects have been open the longest.
Change your desktop and move around widgets to see your
QA the way you need to with the WYSIWYG.
Support your agile testing across all projects with
the Enterprise Version of QACube.

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See QACube Enterprise.
Get the FULL power of QACube!

  • Automates Data Consolidation & Aggregation
  • Delivers Predictive Analytics & Dashboards
  • Provides Visibility to all Stakeholders
  • Enables Transparency through the right KPIs
  • Supports Agile Software Delivery
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Integrates with Bugzilla, CA Agile Central (formerly Rally), HP QC Enterprise, JIRA, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Team Foundation Server, Redmine, Tosca Testsuite, Spira Test, Sonarqube, Tasktop...


Free. Forever.

Easy to run, no installation
One-Click QA Visual Analytics
Visualization of Key Tosca Capabilities



QA Insights for Fast Time-to-Market

Share with Your Teams
One-Click Visualizations Include Defects and Much More
QA Visualizations Across Your Software Delivery