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Next Generation QA Reporting

We're taking companies using Excel to aggregate QA Reporting information to the next level with fully automated and consolidated visual analytics and dashboards for the entire team. From counts to decision-making graphics for agile testing. It's all about better control and decision-making.

Industry Expertise

QACube delivers Innovative QA Reporting solutions for

  • Banking Software Testing
  • Financial Services Software Testing
  • Insurance Software Testing
  • Manufacturing Software Testing
  • Public Sector Software Testing
  • Telco Software Testing
  • and other industries

Our team has delivered software testing managed services and QA reporting to some of the largest companies in the world. We designed QACube to help reduce costs and enable continuous testing.

Digital Service & Innovation

QACube lets you keep up with Agile Testing as part of the Agile DevOps Process. The key to keeping pace with digitalization is with fully automated, consolidated and aggregated QA Reporting.

No more sifting through long Excel macros or manually aggregating QA data from different testing tools. Popular testing tools are already integrated into QACube Platform so your teams can have out-of-the box visual analytics & dashboards.

QA Reporting for the Key Stakeholders

With extensive experience working in the Managed Services Industry in software testing and delivery, we realized that, in order to deliver better results in an agile and rapidly changing industry, there is a strong need for visual analytics for the different stakeholders of the ALM, including the Head of Testing, Head of Software Development, Head of IT, Release Manager, Test Manager and the software testers.

QA KPIs Doing Things Right & Measuring the Right Things

Risk-based testing and automation are key ways to improve time-to-market, lower costs and deliver the requisite quality.
Our seasoned team comes from all walks of financial services including: investment banking, community banking, and other financial services.

% of Software Test Coverage with Risk-Based Testing % of Software Test Automation
Continuous QA Improvement Relies on QACube

With extensive experience in delivery and an eye for actionable dashboards, QACube takes into account each organization's specific software delivery KPIs and provides the right visual analytics across projects, tools, clusters, and geographies. Our solution drives better decisions for continuous improvement with visibility and transparency across the ALM.

Planning for Software Delivery

At every step of the way, those key stakeholders involved in the application lifecycle from requirements to go live, need answers fast to where they need to apply additional resources, how to prioritize and where they face the highest risk. Delivering the right offers to customers, at the right time, without incident, is the end game, but getting there with tight resources requires visibility and transparency across the entire delivery value chain.

Complex Enterprise Environments

Enterprises with complex ALM environments are experiencing drastic changes where time-to-market is even shorter, budgets and resources are scarcer and quality is still as critical as ever. With so many ALM tools for software testing and software delivery, it's a challenge to create meaningful reports where it is fast and easy to see which decisions to take.