Telecom software testing and QA reporting is made all the more challenging by the high number of software releases, new software applications, and required systems integrations with a multitude of mobile devices, browsers, platforms, and networks. As a result, multiple software testing tools are typically needed for testing, making consolidated and dynamic QA reporting difficult to achieve. To complicate matters, many large telecom companies have outsourced their software development to service providers, each of which typically uses their preferred testing tools. This trend in the use of a large variety of software testing tools makes it almost impossible to obtain dynamic QA reporting with cross-project visibility, using traditional reporting tools including Excel.

Ideally, QA reporting will automatically consolidate and display all testing projects, from all tools, and all testing teams. Only then can stakeholders identify deviations from requirements, design flaws, and defects. Now with QACube’s dynamic analytics and dashboards decisions that can be made to improve software quality quickly enough to keep up with the fast pace of software changes. This visibility offered by QACube is essential to alleviating software failures as quickly as possible and ensuring a seamless customer experience.

QACube delivers project dashboards that present dynamic software testing results in graphic format. These at-a-glance reports are easy to understand by business users and enable comparisons across an unlimited number of projects, software testing tools, test runs, and testing teams.

The QACube Quality Assurance Platform for DevOps is ideal for software testing collaboration for telecom organizations that want to make every call a seamless experience, despite the complexity of the software quality assurance.